Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jamie Woolley Work in Progress

Here are some more REALLY rough color studies, and a work in progress rendered perspective view. I'm trying to figure out how to render her while keeping her stylized. (It still needs a lot of work.) Still open to change the color scheme.

FROM JUSTIN: I did a (not-so-quick) paint-over to play with the color & shapes a bit. Mainly just trying to figure out how the design will translate into 3D, but also adjusting some things. I think darkening the boots keeps them less prominent down where they should be. I also made her blouse white instead of pink, simplifying the palette by adding another neutral. Now all the warm colors are focused on her skin & complexion, which I think is better. Anyway, it's somehow less cute now that I've had my hands on it, so I apologize if I've done any violence to your original idea! - j.k.

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