Friday, February 27, 2015

some stuff...

around 6am this morning i got bored of doing my own stuff and needed a little refresher, so i did some drawovers of a few of your comps. feel free to ignore them if you wish.

1.a) jamie, honestly i thought this was looking pretty good, but, assuming you are going for a disney princess feel, some of the proportions were a little weird. i raised the waist, shortened the arms, tapered the feet, gave her dress a bell shape and some more mexican dress decoration, added a second flower in her hair, evened out her eyes (they were tilted like asian eyes) and defined her nose as a simple triangle (you probably wont want to keep it, it's just a stylistic thing i'm into).

2.  rebecca: i think most of the elements of this merman are trying to portray realism, but then some of them are going stylized? a little more unity and clarity would be nice, but i'm going to press forward as if you mean it to be more realistic.
a, b, c) hairstyle: once again, this 'hair' is a little ambiguous. is it coral, dredds, or long curly Polynesian hair? 
d) the end of his spear was round, unless theres a reason why it should be round, keep it flat.
e) i added some more dragon seahorsey fin stuff happening down the tail.
f) i excentuated the shape of the spearhead a little, just to give it some more feeling of manliness, strength and interest.
3. shannon: i'd be wary of a few things with this current scene: the house/environment seems very generic. there are some fun things happening to the house, but should the man living here be friendly or unfriendly? a is an example of what an unfriendly version could look like, b is a friendlier version.
c)stagger the steps more. use them as an implied line to lead you to the focal point, the house.
d) make sure the hole's purpose is clear, and shape language matches that of it's surroundings. 
i also just noticed that the house is split evenly roof vs main body. choose one to emphasize and adjust their relative scale accordingly.
i would also not make identical shapes right next to each other (ie. the 2 bumps on the bottom side of the cliff. they are the same size, and the space between is also the same size.
4. stacy: just an example of using that teardrop shape to create your character
these arent perfect, but hopefully someone will find them somewhat useful.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cody Robles--Thumbs

Better late than never. Some thumbs. 
I really want to do an environment, something fantasy, or with a strange feel behind it. 

Concept - Shannon Haskin

Rebeca Alvarez Concept

Tangaroa/Kanaloa- Polynesian god of the ocean 

Revised head:

Early Concepts: 

*I am still working on the full body turnaround 

Hannah Nielsen--Second Draft color

Trying things out with the color/painting. Also enlarged the headdress and changed the leg shape!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stacey Sleight - Perspective Exploration Sketches

Sorry for posting late. Here's a few more sketches and angle drawings I whipped out. I'm going to keep exploring poses with personality. Color comps coming soon!

And some extra character doodles I had laying around.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crate.. I should have post this earlier

Jamie Woolley Concept

Here are my comp sketches and a turn around for my final character. The colors I slapped on are really, really rough and I'm probably going to keep playing with the final colors of her outfit. (The blue is staying tough ;)

Her name is Maddie and she's a blue vampire!

Emily Konopasek Concept