Monday, March 2, 2015

Grant Hansen Color Tests and other concept stuff

I'm just throwing in one of the statue designs here, and will be revisiting some of the others to try and get them feeling like they're coming from the same culture/world that created the others.
I've marked the ones that I particularly like with little white thingies. 
In the end I'm going to be making a stonehenge type structure with five of these king/god statue heads floating above it, faces outward. The thing will probably be perched up on a mountain peak or something relatively inaccessible and high up since it's a heavily religious/sacred structure to the people who built it.
Thence, I'm thinking that I want to do the glowy tattoos and eyes in a color that's got a tight enough wavelength to carry long distances, which sorta outs the warmer colors. I'm not a huge fan of the purple, even though that would be the farthest carrying. Hmmm... I didn't try white did I? I'll give that one a whirl. 
Anyways, I like the teal color a lot. If the culture were more egyptian-y I'd go for the black and yellow =)
Here's the white stuff.  I'm definitely more interested in color, I think.

and here's a more detailed color render of one of the other statues:

Here are a few bits of additional concept sketches and a quick draft that I made on Maya for more of what the final bit should be like. 
I would love any tips y'all might have for me to make the thing look... cooler and stuff.

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